In an ever changing world the growth in digital communications has created significant new opportunities
for organisations, throughout the economy. For businesses engaged in paper based communications,
however, the opportunity comes hand in hand with significant challenges. For printers and the mailing and fulfilment industry in general diversification is a key element of future business success. Neopost has identified some key adjacent areas of interest, that organisations can explore with a view to creating wider service propositions for its customers. The pivotal factor to consider for paper based communication is how to blend and integrate with multi-channel delivery going forward.

Mailing & Fulfilment

The UK mail market is significant and presents opportunities for service providers. At over 13 billion items per year, the market is sizeable and offers real opportunities for business growth. For printers, not currently engaged in mailing activity, Neopost can offer scalable assistance in meeting the varied requirements of the sector. Often organisations are of the opinion that the price of postage is fixed. However, with accessible tiered volumes and the correct preparation of mail significant discounts can be achieved. Neopost solutions are configured to be modular in nature, allowing providers to grow their capabilities in line with business growth. For organisations already engaged in mailing, additional benefits can also be derived. Market trends indicate a shift in production patterns, from large generic mailings, to shorter more varied runs. This change is in line with the shift from mass to personalised and personal marketing activity. For producers of transactional mail, efficiencies can also be gained by the use of software solutions. Further services can also be offered by vendors in the fields of address quality and efficiency gains through mail preparation and de-duplication of multiple pieces intended for the same recipient. Alongside these operational benefits, businesses can also look to add value to their customers, through the use and deployment of intelligent inserting solutions. For those involved, particularly in sensitive or personal correspondence the increasing focus on data protection cannot be ignored. Fortunately, solutions are available to offer full compliance with legislation, providing true peace of mind for your customers. Such peace of mind is not restricted to our highest volume production systems, but also further down the inserting range.

DS-90i DS-200 DS-1200 G3 AIMS DM Guide


Multi-Channel The rise in demand for digital communications should not be feared by providers of paper based communications. In fact, the growth should be viewed as a significant opportunity for new business and revenue generation. Direct mail and other paper based communication formats remain amongst the most trusted media for many individuals and businesses. The significance of the ‘digitally disenfranchised’ should also not be understated. The real opportunity lies with matching customer preferences to output, in the form of integrated multi-channel delivery. For many, multi-channel can be viewed as a ‘black art’. At Neopost we understand these concerns and have developed multi-channel delivery platforms, designed with ease of use at their core. Regardless of where you sit, on the multi-channel journey, Neopost technologies can assist the production and delivery process.

OMS-500 GMC Inspire Multi-Channel Communications

Data Management and Services

In today’s business climate data is increasingly king. To develop effective delivery of both marketing and transactional communication pieces businesses need to get as close to pertinent data as possible. But data is a very generic term and can mean many different things in different circumstances. Data management services can be as simple as cleaning customer databases so that accurate addressing can be deployed to more sophisticated integrated data management tools, allowing master data management and the creation of customer single customer views. At whatever point data management is required key benefits in accuracy of delivery, choice of format preference and creating insight driven output can all add to your value proposition and provide greater engagement in customer conversations.


Response Handling

Often organisations in the printing, mail and fulfilment sectors focus exclusively on outbound delivery. However, an incremental business opportunity exists in dealing with inbound communications. At one level, businesses can offer an operational service to handle inbound mail. Additional services such as digitising, scanning and security screening inbound mail can also be employed. At the other end of the spectrum, inbound responses can be digitised and pushed directly into workflows for speed of response and subsequent activity. From a marketing perspective, digital marketing responses can be easily tracked with analytical tools. However, similar principles can be utilised with paper based communication. By preparing outbound direct marketing with the appropriate coding, the receipt of responses can be matched to this campaign activity to provide ‘a closed loop’ response analysis. Marketers today are under increasing pressure to measure activity results and face an increasing focus on ROI. By employing such principles, you can engage with a real added value conversation with your marketing customers by assisting with their individual ROI measurement.

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