Professional Services

Introducing an effective mailing and communications delivery solution begins with the initial implementation of the solution. Our experience in production environments allows us to assist customers with a ‘right first time’ robust implementation programme.

Installation Planning

Following the investment in new technology, the ongoing optimisation of the solution can start with the initial implementation and commissioning of the system. Neopost works with our customers to deliver an in depth and robust implementation programme, in order to establish maximum returns from the investment.

Investment decisions and the implementation of upgraded or diversified services can lead to knock on effects with internal resources. Taking a more holistic, process approach, leads to better understanding of process requirements and hence provide benefits in terms of resource planning.

Hardware/Software Integration

Increasingly, efficient delivery platforms require an integrated hardware and software approach. Our experience and capabilities across both solution areas allow us to ensure seamless integration across our solutions and your existing operational processes.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key measure of how effective production processes are operating. Neopost works with our customers to deliver a full process review, to ensure that our solutions are working seamlessly with your systems and processes to deliver maximum efficiencies.

Site Surveys

Before a Neopost solution is introduced we deliver a full evaluation of your existing production facilities to ensure best fit and that production processes are working effectively.

Solution Optimisation

Neopost does not view our relationship with customers simply as the sale and installation of equipment. We place priority on ongoing engagement to ensure that the solutions we provide are delivering optimum returns to your business, throughout their life cycle.

Legacy System Integration

For organisations involved in the print and mail space, existing technology will be in situ. For most, this technology will encompass both hardware and software solutions.

Neopost solutions, be they hardware or software based, have been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems, wherever possible. Our highly experienced support teams are fully conversant in assisting customers integrate new Neopost solutions with their existing technology.

Customer Sales Force Training

When looking to diversify into new market sectors, challenges can be experienced by your sales teams. Neopost works with our customers’ sales teams to ensure that they are fully knowledge resourced to deploy an effective ‘go to’ market strategy and enable customer conversations.